But do YOU want to be answering the phone in the middle of the night?

That’s where The Office Genie’s 24/7 Call Handling service comes in. We can make sure that your customers don’t talk to a machine or listen to endless options on an automated system – even in the middle of the night. We are committed to making sure that your callers reach a team who sound (and are) wide awake, who will take details of the enquiry before making sure a message is sent to the correct person. 

Your ‘on call’ team need never be awakened by an unnecessary call, and your customers need never be the one to wake whoever is on duty. We will happily call your engineer/on duty staff once we have determined the nature of the call, making sure that they are fully awake before they speak to your client. We can even ring round various members of your team until someone answers and then send confirmation emails to your client and/or the engineer confirming all of the details.

Using our 24/7 Call Handling service will ensure your business is available every day and night all year round, taking the burden off your shoulders whilst still giving you the competitive edge.

See how the Genies answer their own phone to see how they will treat your business by calling – 01604 529171

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