Are Saturdays a standard working day for your business? Perhaps Saturdays are your busiest day of the week, with many more clients coming through the doors than virtually any other day of the week. With so many people in the shop or salon, do you find it difficult to answer the telephone and look after your customers?

Our Saturday Call Handling service is designed to allow you to offer the same level of customer service on a Saturday as you do during the week. Our highly trained Genies are on hand from 9am to 5pm to help your customers. We can:

  • direct customers to your Boutique, Salon, Shop or Office
  • book appointments
  • confirm the range of products or services you provide
  • advise pricing/returns policies
  • confirm your opening hours
  • answer your frequently asked questions.

When we tell callers that you are currently with customers, you get the added benefit of implied recommendation – after all, a busy shop sends a good signal to customers!

If you are open through the whole weekend you might be more interested in our 24/7 Call Handling service. Either way you will benefit from professional, friendly voices answering your phones whilst you are busy making sales. We would normally email your messages to you, but if your staff are busy at the tills and not able to read the emails you might prefer us to text them any important messages. The joy of using our Call Handling service is that we like to answer your callers questions so not many calls should actually need returning!

See how the Genies answer their own phone to see how they will treat your business: 01604 529171.

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