Is Your Business Prepared For Christmas?

There are only a few weeks left until Christmas. Are you getting away for a few days or even a week? Are you going to be able to switch off while you aren’t in the office? Is your business prepared for Christmas?

Business Prepared For Christmas

A lot of business owners want to take time off this Christmas. For that to be worth it, you have to be able to forget about the thing you’re taking a break from. You want to be worrying about the pigs in blankets not the customers on the phone.


Surprisingly, lots of business owners don’t do that.


They take some time out of the office, but they stay on the phone or in their emails. That’s not time away from the office, that’s just taking the office with you. Do you want work sitting down to Christmas dinner with you and the family?


It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get someone to hold the fort while you get a Christmas holiday. Your customer won’t know the difference. They’ll be amazed by your presence and professionalism. You can get The Office Genie remotely manning your phones. Our highly-trained, multi-award-winning team can function just like your in-house staff. You’ll get emails or texts summarising your calls for the day, so you can respond if you want to, or sort it out in the New Year.


“We offer an award-winning five-star call answering service and we know you’ll benefit from working with us!”


We can do more than take messages. We can update your database, make bookings, answer questions, take payments, send out marketing materials, or almost anything else you wish.


You get peace of mind to enjoy those pigs in blankets, your favourite Christmas movie, or even just a nap. Give us a call on 0164 765 475 or fill out the form below to discuss how to prepare your business for your Christmas break.


Best wishes

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