How Do You Take a Break From Your Business

Whether you are a sun worshipper (like me) or an adrenaline junky, time away from everyday life is beneficial. Taking a break from your business is one of the best ways to get some perspective. It can be hard to do. So, how do you take a break from your business?

How Do You Take a Break From Your Business?

How Do You Take a Break From Your Business?

Only the most organised business owners can simply walk away for a few days. For most business owners it takes planning to take a break from your business; however, it is essential.

The pressure is so high that without breaks you’ll burn out. Going away has ramifications. Not only do you have to pay for your holiday, but you face losing money while you aren’t running your business.

“No need to worry about losing business while you’re on holiday”

We can agree that your voicemail and an out of office email aren’t capable of running your business. When you don’t get back in touch your customers can feel abandoned, or worse move on. Any new potential customers will get in touch with the next name on Google.

That’s why many business owners feel tempted to take their mobile and laptop with them. “I’ll only spend an hour a day keeping in touch”, they tell themselves. That’s a limit they’re unlikely to stick to, but any time spent working and you haven’t taken a break have you?

So how do you take a break from your business? You get some cover. You get someone who can keep your business ticking over day to day.

The Office Genie provides short-term cover for that purpose. We’ll look after your diary and your phone. We can make you aware of anything urgent, or book work in for when you return.

You simply spend a bit of time talking to us and the rest takes care of itself. We’ll know who we should book in and when, answer frequently asked questions, or anything else you wish.

You can switch off because you know an award-winning team is holding the fort. Your customers and potential customers will feel loved and have accurate expectations.

“The biggest worry for most business owners is an empty diary when they get back!”

After all, when you are on a well-deserved break the last thing you want is to be worrying. It doesn’t have to hard to get everything going again.

With our short-term cover, you take a break from your business and it keeps on going. Call us on 01604 529 171 or fill out the form below. We can have everything ready for a holiday in 24 hours!

How do You Take a Break From Your Business

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