Can Call Handling Services Take Bookings For Me?

Yes, but many of them won’t. When asking if call handling services take bookings, you might want to think about the differences between a call handling and a call answering service. A call answering service (usually) only takes a simple message; a call handling service looks after your customers on your behalf.
To complicate things, whether a business markets itself a call handling or call answering service doesn’t always tell you everything you need to know.
Can A Call Handling Service Take Bookings For Me?
Not all call handling services take bookings for you. The Office Genie can!
You always want to check exactly which services a provider will be able to do for you. It might not always be obvious. Some of them will surprise you with how far they’ll go for you. Don’t assume one provider can’t (or won’t) do something because your previous provider didn’t.
There’s a second part to consider. Are your calendars (and other systems) accessible online? If you do everything in your paper diary then you’re limiting how useful the service can be to you. If a call handler takes bookings but can’t see your diary, then you’end up with more work for yourself.
Online tools ensure you’re not double-booking and your schedule stays manageable. Google Calendar is enough for most businesses, and it’s free! It can also integrate with many scheduling tools, which can give you a ton more functionality.
You know it’s not as simple as just putting it in your diary. If a call handling service is taking booking for you, make sure they’re asking the right questions.
  • Are they considering travel time and efficiency of the routes?
  • Do you need time to prep for appointments?
  • Will some appointments have followup admin?
  • And so on
It’s about making the best use of your time, back-to-back appointments might not work for you or your customers.
You could try limiting your call handling service to a small amount of fixed time. Tell them they can schedule two booking between 2 pm and 4 pm. Watch it closely, and open other options once you’re confident they’ve got the hang of how you like to work.
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