Call Handling or Call Answering?

Believe it or not, there is a lot more to call handling than just basic message taking. Over the next few blog posts, I’m hoping to show you the different levels of support a telephone call handling service can offer you and the benefits it can have for your business …

Before telephone ‘call handling’, there’s ‘call answering’ and yes there’s a huge difference! You see call answering is just that, the phone is answered and a message is taken. Think of it as “human voicemail”.

With a call answering package, you return the call when you choose to and your customer or potential customer waits for that to happen.

That’s a huge benefit. About 80% of people that reach a voicemail message won’t actually leave one, meaning you won’t know you missed them and won’t be able to return the call! You’ve lost the customer. Preventing that is well worthwhile.

But you can still lose them, while they wait.

Call Handling is the upgrade. Your customer or potential customer gets the response they need right there and then. You don’t have to call them back (unless you want to). You don’t keep them waiting. You don’t risk losing that customer.

Being accessible is a highly attractive attribute to both new and existing customers because, in today’s competitive marketplace, those who feel no loyalty to you will simply move onto a competitor should they be unable to reach you or get a quick response.

Furthermore, good call handling services will allow you to personalise the way in which your call is answered. Having it answered in your business name, the same way it would be answered in your office, leaves no way to distinguish that it isn’t a member of your team picking up the call.

Call answering is usually simpler. A basic message will be taken but a customer’s questions won’t be answered, bookings and payments won’t be taken, the call will be kept short, and the customer service might be lacking.

“It’s certainly better than missing the call altogether, though there’s much more that you can delegate …”

Voicemail is next to useless for business. Signing up for even basic message taking is a huge step, but it’s one in the right direction.

More on that next time …

Until next time …

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