Business Continuity

I am an experienced PA supporting the Chief Genie here at The Office Genie and a handful of my own clients.

My predecessor (now operations manager) Sarah covers for me when I am away on annual leave or have unexpected absences.

Business Continuity

Sarah is aware that part of her role is to cover my absence, so we arrange our annual leave to fit around each other.

Despite this plan, the unexpected happened the other week when Sarah was off on holiday, and my mum had a serious fall whilst away for the weekend.  I needed to stay with my mum to look after her as I am an only child, but with Sarah away we needed to cover my work.

For most businesses this would now be a major problem as our backup, Sarah, was on holiday.  However, with a business continuity plan in place, I had already ensured all of my work was documented so anyone in the team would be able to cover with no training albeit they would be a little slower.

In our case, the team stepped up and took over, so our clients were fully supported and would have been none the wiser that contact was from a different Genie.

Have you got all your processes documented so that a stranger could, in effect, step in and save the day?  Do you have someone in-house who could step in and cover?

Perhaps you might want to consider using our team of Genies to help you in your time of need? Or perhaps you just need some help documenting all your systems and processes just in case?

Give us a call on 01604 529 171 and ask for Lesley of fill out the contact form below to discuss your options.

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