In 2005, our Chief Genies, Jacqui and Ian Frost, were trying to solve a problem.

Ian’s decorating business was doing well, but the more successful he got the more obvious the problem became. He was constantly on the phone or working late on admin; it made it difficult to do the work he loved to do.

Meanwhile, Jacqui had a successful 20 years career as an office manager and PA. Jacqui knew what Ian needed, and she knew that “outsourcing” was much more sensible than hiring.

They searched for a suitable company, but couldn’t find one. No single business provided all the services they needed with the attention to detail and personal touch they wanted.

Jacqui decided to create that business. Now, The Office Genie is the only multi-award-winning, five-star call handling and business support service to offer a free trial and a money-back guarantee.

Meet Jacqui

Jacqui Frost
Chief Genie

Over eleven years ago, Chief Genie Jacqui used all the experience from 20-years as a PA and office manager to found The Office Genie. Her Genies deliver magical service day in, day out for all clients. She says “It’s all about going the extra mile to WOW our callers”.

Three things you didn’t know about Jacqui . . .

  • When she was younger, she wanted to be a ballerina!
  • Her favourite Disney film isn’t Aladdin; it’s Mary Poppins
  • Her favourite colour is genie pink, but genie purple is a close second