How Much Does a Call Handling Service Cost?

This is really a two-part question. Part one is what you want to know, so we’ll start there. How much a call handling service costs – broadly speaking- depends on two things.

The level of service provided and then the volume of usage.

The level of service – a “human voicemail” compared to a full-service virtual reception – will set a monthly service cost. Following that you’ll be looking at a fee set by your usage, usually charging in minutes or messages. They all charge in slightly different ways and so this can vary quite a bit.

At one end of the spectrum, you’re looking at a basic “human voicemail”. They’ll take a name and a number and it’ll be up to you to do the rest, in some cases you’ll get a brief message. You usually won’t pay a monthly service cost, and you’ll probably pay about a pound a message after that.

On the other end of the spectrum is a full-service virtual reception. They’ll do everything you need them to do, such as answer questions, upsell, take payments, make a booking, etc. You’ll pay a monthly service cost, usually somewhere around £50 a month because you’re paying to have full coverage from a team trained as if they were in-house staff. Usually, that monthly service charge will be bundled in a package with your usage, so you’ll have a set fee which will include x amount of messages or minutes.

Part two of how much a call handling service costs you, is about how much NOT having call handling costs you. This requires you to accept that the way your phone is currently answered (or not answered, as the case may be) is letting your business and customer service down and that affects your profits. You have to consider if your business isn’t answering the phone or perhaps answering but not as well as you could be, you’ll be losing customers.

  • How much would they spend with you?
  • How often would they spend it?
  • For how long?
  • And how many other customers might their glowing recommendation have bought in (or their poor review kept away)?

We’ll forget about referrals and bad reviews for now. If that new customer was going to spend £10 with you, and a further £10 once a month for a year, then they’d have bought £120 into your business. Let’s be generous and say just one missed call a week costs your business a customer, either directly or by way of lost referrals due to poor customer service. Not having call handling costs you £120 pounds a week!

But multiply that over the year, that’s 52 lost customers, so that’s £6,240 every year.

There’s a bit more too it, but I’ll cover that in another article.

The reason I wanted to cover the second part of the question “How Much Does a Call Handling Service Cost?” is because once you factor in gaining the revenue you are probably losing NOT having call handling, a call handling service, at least a good one, shouldn’t cost you anything; it should pay for itself and then make you money.

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