Established in 2005, The Office Genie lives to grant the wishes of business owners all over the UK. Founder and owner Jacqui Frost understands how difficult it can be to relinquish even the tiniest bit of control when it comes to your business, which is why we get to know our clients as if we are an extension of their team – ensuring you have nothing to worry about!

We have a fantastic team of experienced and well-trained Genies, we pride ourselves on not being a call centre, adding a very personal touch to each and every call we take. So it’s time to hop on our flying carpet and…

Jacqui Frost
Chief Genie

Founder and owner Jacqui Frost had a successful career as a PA and Office Manager before starting The Office Genie ten years ago. Jacqui knows good customer service and ensures it is delivered to each and every client day in, day out.

Three things you didn’t know about Jacqui…

  • When she was younger she didn’t want to be a business owner – she wanted to be a ballerina!
  • Her favourite Disney film isn’t Aladdin it’s Mary Poppins!
  • Her favourite colour is … Genie Pink! With Genie Purple a close second!
Penny Sayles
PA Genie

Penny has worked as an Executive PA for more than 20 years and does a fantastic job of supporting our clients (and the rest of the Genies)! Her beaming smile is the first thing you see as you enter Genie Heights – it’s so infectious, you can’t help but smile yourself!

Three things you didn’t know about  Penny

  • She met her husband of 24 years on a blind date – aww!
  • She would want Dawn French to play her in a movie of her life.
  • Her favourite film is Love Actually.
Debbie Tippett
Business Development Genie

Debbie ran her own business while caring for her two children, so she understands the challenges. She says the best gift she’s ever received is her kids – ahhh

Three things you didn’t know about Debbie

  • A self-described “lover of reggae”
  • She’d like to spend a day as a zookeeper
  • The weirdest thing she’s ever eaten is chocolate lasagna
Lesley Evans
Business Development Genie

Lesley has experience working with different industries, so you know you’re getting good advice from her. She’s outgoing, loyal and honest. The two great loves of her life are her family and smoked salmon with avocado.

Three things you didn’t know about Lesley

  • You know she’s practical because her three desert island essentials are a lighter, a knife and a toothbrush to a deserted island
  • She received national colours for swimming and water polo
  • When she was small she wanted to be a singer.
Sarah Stokes
Operations Genie

Prior to joining The Office Genie Sarah worked in a number of different office roles, primarily within the customer service sector. Sarah now does all of the operations and programming for The Genies, making sure that all of our systems work seamlessly to provide the best support for our clients. 

Three things you didn’t know about Sarah…

  • She has a motorcycle licence!
  • Dancing Queen by ABBA is the song to get her dancing!
  • The most unusual thing she’s ever eaten is Ostrich.
Mo Kelleher
Client Experience Genie Trainer

Mo, known as ‘Mummy Mo’ around the office is our longest serving Genie – our go to girl for any questions we may have! Mo has enjoyed a career in customer service working in a variety of different sectors including travel and carpet manufacturing!

Three things you didn’t know about  Mo…

  • There are over 200 pairs of shoes in her house
  • Her husband and her met at a dance
  • She sang (on the stage) at THE Grand Ole Oprey!
Jo Coxon
Client Experience Genie

Before becoming a Genie, Jo worked primarily in hospitality. She even ran her own pub! Jo once spent twenty minutes directing a customer to one of our client’s office!

Three things you didn’t know about  Jo…

  • She would love to live in Barbados!
  • When she was small she wanted to be a princess, aww!
  • If she had a warning label, it would say “LOVES A GOOD LAUGH”
Sophie Carter
Client Experience Genie

Sophie has a history in care work so she knows how to look after her clients. Sophie also brings a wealth of other experience; she even once rebuilt the fence in a crocodile sanctuary while they were in it, so she knows what it can sometimes feel like building a business.

Three things you didn’t know about Sophie…

  • Her favourite food is the humble potato.
  • Rudeness is a pet peeve of hers.
  • She once raised £3,000 for a good cause using YouTube.
Sazza Hughes
Client Experience Genie

Sazza has worked in customer service with a diverse client base. The most memorable was hiring out diggers and dumpers to building contractors. She’s happily married (to her hero) and has two children.

Three things you didn’t know about Sazza

  • Her favourite movie is Dirty Dancing.
  • She would love to be stranded on an island with The Rock.
  • In a movie of her life, Sazza would want Rebel Wilson to play her.
Tracie Rimmer
Client Experience Genie

Tracie previously worked with children, and she’s also done some work with health professionals, schools and other local groups. This means she has a lot of experience looking after things that are very precious to her clients. Not to mention she’s a landlady!

Three things you didn’t know about Tracie

  • She plays the clarinet.
  • She once ate a cactus.
  • She loves giraffes because they are graceful and have kind eyes.
Madina Noristany
Client Experience Genie

Madina is a business student who has been doing customer service job. She’d says that if she could be any kind of animal she’d choose a lion because they are fierce. Madina is certainly as confident as a lion but she’s a lot friendlier!

Three things you didn’t know about Madina

  • She can’t stand mess.
  • Her favourite movie is “White Chicks”, but her favourite book is “Jane Eyre”.
  • If she had a superpower it would be to stop time.
Jodie Singende
Client Experience Genie

Hair salon, aesthetics clinics and tanning parlours, you name and Jodie’s your expert. She comes from a loving and supportive family, and she loves to pass that care on to our clients. Jodie is also studying fashion at university.

Three things you didn’t know about Jodie

  • If she had to be stranded on a desert island, she’d take James Dean with her.
  • Her fantasy dinner guests are her grandfather, her mother, her brother and her uncle.
  • Diana Ross is her karaoke song o
Pam Webb
Client Experience Genie

Prior to joining The Office Genie, Pam worked in a call centre doing debt collection; she was also once a body guard of Noel Edmonds! Pam is obviously a very strong character but is super friendly and very willing to help anyone in need.

Three things you didn’t know about Pam

  • She would love to live in a log cabin in a forest in Scotland
  • In a movie, she would want Renee Zellweger to play her (NOT Jo Brand!)
  • The best gift she has ever been give is love – aww!
Becky Birch
Media Genie

Becky is fresh out of university and ready to go. She has a very successful youtube channel and is a Photoshop, Premiere Pro and InDesign Genie, but don’t call her “Rebecca”.

Three things you didn’t know about Becky…

  • If she could be an animal she would be a Capuchin monkey because they’re cute but can also be a trouble maker.
  • The three things she would take to a desert island would be her ukulele, a hammock and a piece of flint.
  • When she was small she wanted to be a fish & chip shop owner.
Adam Fox
Dream Alchemist Genie

Adam has worked full time for about ten years in offices and in retail. During that time he also went to University and got a first. He loves board games, reading and all kinds of stories. If you’re on our social media, there’s a good chance you’re talking to him.

Three things you didn’t know about Adam

  • He’d like to be reincarnated as a cuttlefish because they’re adaptable and cool.
  • If he could have any superpower but only for a day it would be to be able to change the shape of the clouds.
  • His warning label says “Hand Wash Only”.
Kelly Blundred
Business Development Genie

Kelly is now on maternity leave. She’s missed by all the genies, but she’ll be back before you know it. She also can’t sing to save her life, but her dance moves will leave you breathless!

Three things you didn’t know about Kelly . . .

  • She cries at every film – happy or sad!
  • Sandra Bullock would play her in a movie of her life.
  • If she had a warning label it would say ‘Caution: Very Easy to Talk to’